November, 2020
Clean Hands Against Covid
Ingrid Putkonen
Director and Founder M4H

To help stop the spread of Covid-19 in Mexico City’s densely populated, vulnerable communities, Metals for Humanity is announcing an extension to its Pure Silver Initiative — Clean Hands Against Covid project (Manos limpias contra Covid) — in recognition of International Handwashing Day. The project will be piloted in 60 clinics/community centres in at-risk neighbourhoods in Mexico City to help reduce infection rates and provide access to potable water.

As doctors continue to learn more about how the virus spreads, simple hand washing remains among the most powerful ways to kill it. But in Mexico, where roughly 35 million people lack access to safely managed water, what seems like a simple act is a daily struggle. This is the case for many in Mexico City and is even more critical in vulnerable communities where large families live in close quarters.

It’s been 7 months since the novel coronavirus became a global pandemic. Tragically, we’ve hit over 1 million deaths and about 38 million cases worldwide. Of those, a disproportionate number come from lower income and racialized communities. Metals for Humanity believes that everyone should have access to clean water, and, with the support of our sponsor Fresnillo plc, we are making silver a part of that solution.

Stay tuned for more info and keep washing your hands!

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February 23, 2022